A Twitter Warning

The Twitter algorithm that is currently driving the native app and website has begun to do something quite dangerous lately.

How to Avoid the Crypto Scam

Crypto is the scammers essential escape route from the Canadian banking system. But there is something even more integral to the success of a crypto scam that we must avoid if we are to have any hope in protecting ourselves from these schemes.

Calibrating for Joy

Because, we too, like the disciples get fixated on the stench of death. The dreams wrapped in grave clothes. In the midst of devastation, Christ calls us to calibrate for joy.

Travelling at the Speed of Lies

A cautionary tale about why the heartbeat of the Church must be to fact check and resist sharing "half truths", "mostly truths", and certainly "unknown truths".

Resolution 10 - Vision

The resolve of the MediaWise.church is for vision, to gird up our minds for action as 1 Peter 1:13 puts it. That is to say, be prepared for battle. A vision to see the need, and a vision to understand that God's Word speaks directly to the issues at hand.

Resolution 9 - Integrity

The commitment of the MediaWise.chuch is to "a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behaviour in Christ may be put to shame." 1 Peter 3:16 That is to say, to not give any ammunition to the criticism of men, to bear the name of Christ with honour, and shine brightly with integrity.

Resolution 8 - Courage

The resolve of the MediaWise.chuch is a courage that is joyful and confident. Not panicked and fearful. To be courageous, not frantic. Not fleeing, but standing firm. Not charging, but advancing. The courage to recognize that while we may fall, in Christ we will rise.

Resolution 7 - Love

The resolve of the MediaWise.church is to adorn ourselves with the wreath of Jesus on social media. The loveliness of our Saviour. A deep, profound, mysterious love, not for ourselves, but for the One who gave Himself for us.

Resolution 6 - Wisdom

The resolve of the MediaWise church must be for a wisdom on social media that avoids the minefields, the compromising, triggering, testimony damaging pitfalls and traps of a roaming beast, a beast that is seeking to devour.

Resolution 5 - Truth

The resolve of the Media Wise church must be to listen to the voice of Jesus and the truth He bears witness to, as found in the Word of God. We must love that Truth.

Resolution 4 - Identity

The resolve of the MediaWise.church is to reclaim our true identity in Christ.

Resolution 3 - Hope

The resolve of the MediaWise.church must be to, as Peter says it so eloquently, "set our hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ."

Resolution 2 - Humility

The resolve of the MediaWise Church must be a pursuit of the humility of Christ, and it must translate into how we engage with one another on social media.

Resolution 1 - Unity

The disinformation and confusion pervasive on social media is merely a mechanism for a more insidious purpose, disunity. And this disunity strikes at the heart of the Church, the family of God. Unity must be the number one New Years Resolution of the Media Wise Church.