Episode 1

The Disinformation Highway

In a world where everyone is crying "Fake News", how can anyone make sense of the endless stream of "truths"? God's Word equips us to hold everything up to the light.

Episode 2

The Emotionally Hijacked Church

What are the techniques and strategies used to hijack our minds online? Knowing how we are harvested for clicks and views prepares us for battle.

Episode 3

Certain Uncertainty

Our post-postmodern world insists that we can not hold anything with certainty. Where does the church fight vigilantly for the certainty described in the Bible?

Episode 4

Anchored Hope

When your hope is in the wrong things, there's no steadfastness to your faith. Our anchored hope is unshakable, but we often take our eyes off it.

Episode 5

The Great Offence

The church is a God pleasing entity, not man pleasing. God's Word defines the areas where we are at liberty to be offensive, and the areas where we are not.

Episode 6

Salt + Light

Has the church lost its saltiness? Is the church in fact a city on a hill that cannot be hidden? How does the church be salt and light in this disinformation age?


A Twitter Warning

The Twitter algorithm that is currently driving the native app and website has begun to do something quite dangerous lately.


How to Avoid the Crypto Scam

Crypto is the scammers essential escape route from the Canadian banking system. But there is something even more integral to the success of a crypto scam that we must avoid if we are to have any hope in protecting ourselves from these schemes.


Calibrating for Joy

Because, we too, like the disciples get fixated on the stench of death. The dreams wrapped in grave clothes. In the midst of devastation, Christ calls us to calibrate for joy.